The Power of the Other Hand

The Power of Your Other Hand: A Course in Channeling the Inner Wisdom of the Right Brain
by: Lucia Capacchione
publisher: New Page Books, published: 2001-08-21
ASIN: 1564145581
EAN: 9781564145581
sales rank: 347715
price: $9.23 (new), $3.99 (used)

Lucia Capacchione has discovered that our non-dominant hand is a direct channel to that potential and, through the “other hand” exercises and experiments in this course, she will show you how to do such things as:

-Talk to your inner child.

-Aid in recovery from addictions.

-Channel the deep inner wisdom of your True Self.

-Help your body to heal.

-Heal your relationships.

-Uncover hidden artistic abilities.

-Change negative attitudes about yourself.

Through various drawing and writing exercises with your other hand, Lucia Capacchione hopes you will discover the power that lies hidden in your other hand. The exercises will help you explore and understand your thoughts and feelings on a completely different level, finding out things about yourself that have been buried or concealed for quite some time.