The wound is the place where the Light enters you-Rumi

As a licensed psychotherapist, I have provided educational programs and workshops and counseling for personal and professional growth in the field of spiritual psychology for over 30 years. I am a trauma therapist, certified in Brainspotting and trained in EMDR and other somatic therapies.

I have Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. I also have Master’s Degrees in Applied Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica, and in Spiritual Science from Peace Theological Seminary.

I have worked in a variety of clinical settings, including as a Program Director of The Wellness Community mind/body support services for cancer patients and their families.

I have taught for 21 years in The University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology Programs, including the program in The Consciousness of Health and Healing.

Please give me a call at 310-358-2910. I look forward to speaking with you to evaluate your needs and see how we may begin working together.