I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness
the astonishing light of your own being…
– Hafez

Helping to Lift Out of Pain to Discover Your Joyful Self

We have odd futile ways of trying to get free, which we repeat over and over again. Do you find yourself beating yourself up for making mistakes or being down and wondering why your self-punishment doesn’t make you feel or choose better? If self-punishment were going to work, it would have worked long ago!

What you tell yourself inside is a message, and you want that message to be a loving message from your heart. I can help you to release the pain and think differently about the possibilities in your life. I can assist you to learn to speak to yourself inwardly in ways that give you the strength, motivation and power to change and live a fulfilling life.

  • You may be having difficulties sleeping or functioning because of a trauma that occurred recently or long ago. I am an experienced EMDR/BRAINSPOTTING trauma therapist
  • Are you having difficulty communicating and having conflicts with your partner? Couples’ therapy and Marriage counseling may help.
  • If you are suffering from anxiety or depression, loss of a job, or a divorce, you may believe that there may be no end to the pain, and no way to find the energy to restore yourself, Individual therapy can help you find the source of your strength to heal and grow.
  • Are you going through a major life transition?
  • Do you want more motivation and self- esteem?
  • Are you experiencing grief over a loss of a loved one, or suffering from a major illness or have a challenge with an elder parent in need of care? Individual and Family therapy can help.

My name is Marya Foley, MFT and I want to help. As a Los Angeles psychotherapist licensed in California, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and trauma specialist trained in EMDR and BRAINSPOTTING, I welcome your call to discuss with you what you are going through and assisting you in resolving those issues.