My Approach

What is this precious love and laughter budding in our hearts? It is the glorious sound of a soul waking up. – Hafez
My work is guided by a spiritual psychology approach with a learning orientation to life. From this viewpoint, there are no mistakes in life  and you can use all your experiences for healing and growth. We are spirit in human form and we can learn to live from the wisdom of the soul.

I encourage you to treat yourself with the loving you would give to your most special love. Then you can begin to discover the wonderful, joyful, free-spirited being that you are. You can embrace and enjoy the original innocence you had as a child, with the added gift of the wisdom all your experiences in life have given you.

Self-Loving, Self Forgiveness, and Compassion are keys to finding your joy. You can begin to release the pains and hurts when you forgive yourself for the judgments you have placed against yourself and others. You then can give yourself loving and compassion for all you have gone through. The good news is that you have your own guidance system within. Guided by your awakened heart, you can learn to make fulfilling choices.

My goal is to assist you to develop tools to maintain yourself in a joyful, balanced state


I have many tools in my toolkit and use those, which best work with each individual. My goal is to help you develop a toolkit of your own which you can use to work effectively with yourself.

My methods include Brainspotting and other energy and somatic psychologies helpful in healing traumas of all kinds.

I help people to be aware of and transform thinking patterns that may be limiting or negative. What we tell ourselves about ourselves can cause depression and anxiety. CBT – Cognitive Behavioral techniques are useful in transforming our thinking

One way I can assist you in healing hurts from the past is to work with various parts or aspects that have remained stuck in past traumas. I help you to bring loving to those disowned parts with Healing of Memories work.

Learning to practice Self-Forgiveness can release the outdated toxic beliefs, judgments, and negative emotions held in these memories and create a space for updating your self-talk and feelings into a positive, uplifting flow in your consciousness.

You can learn to listen inside to your own knowing in loving messages from your heart, your true self. Paying attention to the messages in dreams and during meditation are one of many ways your heart can talk to you. I can also assist you to go within using mindfulness meditation and relaxation and visualization techniques.

I warmly invite you to call me at 310-358-2910 to explore how we may begin working together.