Are you sometimes feeling so sad, it’s hard for you to get out of bed? You may also not feel like you can take pleasure in life, and there is little or nothing to look forward to. Depression can range from just feeling somewhat blue most of the time to full on despair. Going untreated, depression can negatively affect work and relationships and even lead to health problems, especially when lack of self-care is involved.

My approach is look at how depression affects you at the mental, emotional and physical levels. Together we will assess your thoughts, beliefs, and judgments to understand how they are contributing to your sadness and feelings of hopelessness.

Practicing self-forgiveness, and developing a compassionate attitude toward yourself and all your experiences can help lift you. Realizing that all experience adds value to your life, even the ones you judged as mistakes, can free you from the torment of “I should have done it differently.” You then realize that you have a freedom to choose how you think and feel.

Depression can also be rooted in traumatic experiences from the past. As you work to heal the past you can begin to move into an experience of your whole, happy and loving self.

I will assess the level and severity of your depression and create a treatment plan specifically for you. Sometimes medication can help for a period of time.

Adding a healthy diet, exercise, reaching out to others and participating more in life can also help to lift the depression.

You deserve the experience of yourself as a happy, motivated healthy human being! If you are suffering from depression, call me at 310-358-2910 and set up a free initial consultation to see if my services are a good fit for your needs.