Are you in a relationship where the joy seems lost, and all you do is fight? Do you have trouble being heard or hearing what your partner has to say? Has your sex life almost disappeared? Do you have fears that your partner is not interested in you anymore?

Often, at the heart of challenges couples face is great difficulty in communicating effectively. Without effective communication you cannot resolve problems and nor be truly intimate. You may find that when you disagree, no one wants to take responsibility and both partners try to win the argument, rather than to listen to one another.

I will help you listen to and validate your partner. Validation does not mean agreeing, but caring enough to really hear what your partner is saying. We all want respect and acknowledgement. You may find that when you feel heard, your heart warms, and you are willing to listen.

I also can help you learn to share with one another with honesty, respect and empathy. As a couple you can learn skills to:

  • listen empathically and effectively
  • share honestly and deeply
  • rekindle intimacy
  • resolve hurts from the past

Few people form a relationship knowing how to maintain it successfully. Many couples wait too long and when they finally go to therapy it can be too late to save their relationship. I encourage you to invest in your relationship now and learn the skills to work together to create a happier, more intimate and loving experience with one another.