Conscious Aging

When you move into your fifties, sixties and beyond, your life can be challenging in new ways. You may be faced with illness, different types of loss, financial worries and feelings of isolation and depression. In our youth oriented culture, you may be overly focused on your body’s changing appearance. You may feel that all the goodness of life is over, and there is nothing to look forward to.

I will assist you in working through these issues that surface with aging, including depression, grief, loss, divorce, isolation and difficulties with adapting to the changes of later life. You may also be challenged in experiencing pleasure and making friends or seeking involvement with others. I can also help you with financial and family issues that emerge as a part of growing older.

Every age stage has its gifts and challenges, and the final age stages of life can the most challenging and also the most rewarding. There are great gifts available if you choose to age consciously. It can be a wonderful time of forging a new path for yourself that includes learning new things about yourself and the world, giving of yourself and connecting with others in ways that are very exciting and fulfilling.

Spiritual questions naturally surface as you enter our last phases of life. You may be wondering if there is a God or an afterlife, and how you will face death. I can assist you in exploring your spiritual beliefs, and help you open to discovering your own answers to your questions. I use mindfulness/ meditation techniques, dream work and relaxation and visualization processes to assist you in getting out of your mind and into your direct knowing.

I warmly invite you to call me for a free phone consultation to see if I can help you move forward.